How Do I...

Access Reports and Forms

  1. Get a copy of an accident report.
  2. Get a copy of a police report.
  3. Copy of my criminal history.
  4. Get a copy of an incident report.
  5. Other Forms

Crash reports on accidents that occurred after October 2018 are available online at Police Reports. Reports written before November 2018 are available at the Police Department. There is a $20 fee for any crash report.


  1. An in-progress crime.
  2. Not in-progress/ cold crime.
  3. Abandoned Vehicles.
  4. A domestic violence-related crime.
  5. A traffic complaint.
  6. A suspicious package.
  7. Suspected drug activity.

Dial 9-1-1.

Become a part of the BPD

  1. Intern for BPD-project safe neighborhoods.
  2. Volunteer for BPD or CPC.
  3. Intern for BPD.
  4. Support Services Positions.
  5. Police Officer Positions.

Billings Police Department hosts college students as civilian interns. These are usually paid positions and can be taken for credit. Interested students must fill out an application and pass a drug test and criminal background check. During their internships, students will work with the Support Services staff and also have opportunities to ride along with officers and observe several aspects of the Police Department and Criminal Justice System. For more information contact the Records Supervisor at 406-657-8453.


  1. Get my towed vehicle back.
  2. Drop unused prescriptions.
  3. Get my impounded vehicle back.
  4. Get fingerprinted.
  5. Drop old/unused ammunition.
  6. File Noise Waiver Application

Vehicles are taken to the County Junk Vehicle lot. Call them at (406) 652-2050 to make arrangements for pickup.