Street Crimes Unit (SCU)

The Street Crimes Unit (SCU), a specialized unit within the Billings Investigations Department, investigates, pursues, and apprehends criminals in our community that are a driving force behind many of our major crimes (burglary, robbery, vehicle thefts). The unit works to establish sources within the community which leads to the apprehension of criminals who commit these crimes and the recovering of property which has been stolen. SCU officers are cross-deputized to work cases in Yellowstone County to further their ability to investigate large theft and burglary rings.

The SCU provides a bridge from the patrol division to the investigations division by actively working patrol shifts on the streets and compiling information to establish Modus Operandi in larger more organized criminal enterprises. The unit investigates low to mid-level drug dealers on the street that would be overlooked by patrol and works in conjunction with the local drug task forces and federal agencies to locate distributors and establish cases which lead to the apprehension of the leaders of large Drug Trafficking Organizations.

The Street Crimes Unit works to locate illegal firearms within the community that are used to commit crimes. This specialized unit has also investigated human trafficking cases, working closely with federal investigators to bring these cases to fruition.