Patrol officers provide 24-hour service to the community, working four 10-hour shifts and utilizing three main patrol shifts. Officers patrol within the City limits, which is approximately 41 square miles. The City has been divided into 4 zones subdivided into 9

A patrol officer's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Responding to calls for service, emergencies in progress, and accidents
  • Enforcing traffic laws
  • Suppressing crime
  • Following up with investigations
  • Writing detailed reports
  • Patrolling neighborhoods or potential trouble areas
Patrol operations are commanded by a Captain and are staffed by three Shift Lieutenants, 12 Sergeants, approximately 75 patrol officers, and five K-9 patrol officers. At any given time, there should be no less than nine patrol officers on shift. This number does not include available command staff.

Equipment & Training
Officers utilize state of the art equipment like LED lightbars, Toughbook MDT system, and WatchGuard video system.

Many of the department’s patrol officers hold instructor certificates in various disciplines (firearms, PVOC, Defensive Tactics) and provide instruction to other department members and law enforcement agencies around the State.
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