Community Services

nash_and_boyThe Billings Police Department offers numerous services to keep the community informed and engaged.

The Crime Prevention Center (CPC), located a few blocks down from City Hall, serves as a BPD sub-station and an open point of contact for the citizens of Billings. One full-time officer is Crime Prevention Centerassigned to the CPC and the Parks & Recreation Officer has an office in the building.

The Neighborhood Task Force Areas are community groups that offer the residents of each area to have a voice and make a difference in their community. 

Online crime reporting is now available through the BPD Citizen Police Reporting System. Report non-emergency crimes that have no suspect information, such as theft, vandalism, lost property and graffiti.

Order police reports online. Crime victims who require a copy of their police report can request, pay for and obtain the report online.

Check out the BPD Crime Stats page that includes annual reports, incident maps and crime data.burglary_rates_pic