Nondiscrimination, Accommodations & Grievances

The Community Development Division receives federal funding to support housing acquisition, repair, development and poverty impact programs and is required to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Fair Housing Act, the Montana Human Rights Act, and other equal opportunity regulations. These regulations are designed to protect individuals with disabilities with equal access to employment opportunities and the services, programs and activities the City offers.

It is essential that all individuals have equal access to the Community Development Division's communication, open meetings, programs and services including: First Time Home Buyer; Home Repair; Housing Development; and the Billings Metro VISTA Project. 

  • Federally Protected Classes: Disability, including people with HIV / AIDS and people in recovery from alcohol / drugs; Race / Color; Religion; Sex, includes protection against sexual harassment; Familial Status, includes the presence of children under the age of 18 and / or pregnancy; and National Origin.
  • HUD Protected Classes: Sexual Orientation; Gender Identity; and Marital Status. 
  • Montana’s Protected Classes: Marital Status; Creed; and Age.

Accommodations: Auxiliary aids and services are available to facilitate effective communication to individuals with disabilities to ensure equal participation. Such aids and services are free to the public and may include sign-language interpreters, large print formats, and other aids to make information and communications accessible to individuals with speech, hearing or vision impairments.

Public Notices: The City of Billings - Community Development Division encourages all members of the community to participate. Special arrangements for participation by individuals with hearing, speech, vision impairment or physical disabilities can be made upon request. Non-English speaking persons wishing to participate will also be accommodated through translation and / or interpretation in accordance the City’s Language Assistance Plan. Fair Housing Equal Opportunity.

Grievance Procedure: If you feel you have been denied equal access to Community Development programs, services or activities, you may file a written complaint including your contact information and a description of the alleged act(s) of discrimination, including the date and place of the act(s). The written complaint may be submitted to any Community Development employee or specifically directed to the Community Development Manager by phone at 406.657.8286 (Montana Relay 711), email, in person (appointment recommended) or U.S. Postal Service at 2825 3rd Avenue North, 6th Floor, Billings, MT 59101. Complaints may also be filed with the Denver HUD FHEO Office at 1670 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202. 

Program Eligibility: If you disagree with a staff decision relative to program eligibility unrelated to discrimination, you may submit a written appeal to the Community Development Division. The letter must be received at least two weeks prior to the Community Development Board meeting when the appeal would be reviewed. The Board meets the first Tuesday of the month, with traditional breaks during the summer and fall. If the Community Development Board upholds the staff decision, you have the option to have the appeal reviewed during a future City Council meeting. 

ADA / 504 Coordinator: The City of Billings ADA Coordinator is responsible for the City’s overall Grievance Procedure and is also available to ensure compliance with the physical and general program accessibility requirements of the ADA for other City Departments and Divisions. Please call 406.237.6294 (Montana Relay 711) with any questions.

Fair Housing Complaints: Please see the City's fair housing webpages for information on how to file a fair housing compliant.