Community Development Properties

City-Owned Land

The City of Billings has compiled a list of City-owned property and is creating a process to encourage development proposals. A link to the City's property map is available here

Property Sales Process

  • Council conducts a hearing passing a resolution allowing for disposal
  • All property owners within 300’ are notified of the pending sale
  • Proposals or offers are received and reviewed
  • A public hearing is held to consider the proposal or offers

For additional information, please contact Councilmember Rupsis at or Andy Zoeller at

Foreclosure Acquisition / Rehabilitation Program

The City manages a program to purchase vacant foreclosed homes, rehabilitate and sell them to low-income households through the First Time Home Buyer program. Please contact Dina Harmon at 406-657-3045 or via email to

South 27th Street Properties for Sale

The City of Billings has acquired property for redevelopment purposes in the South 27th Street corridor. Block 184 includes the following: 

  • 516, 518 & 524 South 26th Street: East 90 feet of Lots 1-2 and Lots 3-6 total 18,500 square feet
  • 2614 5th Avenue South & 505 South 27th Street: Lots 13-16 total 14,000 square feet
  • 523 South 27th Street: Lots 23-24 total 7,000 square feet


Web Map March 2013