Reports & Planning

Consolidated Planning

Each year, the City of Billings receives federal funds under the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Fair Housing Studies

City staff conducts studies to re-evaluate community need and determine strategies, priorities and goals to address identified needs. The City of Billings participated in a statewide Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice and the drafted document was available for public comment in 2020. The City of Billings has prepared several sections of this Analysis specific to local issues. This document is available online and a summary presentation describing the fair housing study process and findings relative to Billings is also available. Click here to access the 2012 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice.


Consolidated Plan & Annual Action Plan

The City submits a five-year Consolidated Plan and annual Action Plans for approval to HUD. These plans are developed with public comment and input in order to garner feedback on proposed activities to meet identified needs.  Consolidated Plan and Action Plans.

Performance Reports

Following the implementation of the of the annual Action Plan, the City reports on the results of activities carried out to implement the plan. This report is called the Comprehensive Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER). The CAPER provides detailed analysis of projects and activities funded throughout the year.  City's Performance Reports. Additional reports, including the HUD Integrated Disbursement & Information System reports, are available by contacting the Community Development office.

Citizen Participation

Public participation is integral to the preparation of these reports, as per the Citizen Participation Plan. This plan identifies methods used to encourage citizen involvement in the planning, development, and implementation of the Consolidated Plan. City staff has also prepared a Language Assistance Plan to ensure meaningful access to program information and equal opportunity for persons with hearing impairment and limited English proficiency.