BFD Commendation or Complaint


Would you like to commend a firefighter, dispatcher, or citizen to honor their extraordinary service?


Or, would you like to file a formal complaint with the fire department?

You may fax forms to (406) 657-8456, or mail them to:

2305 8TH AVE N2305 8TH AVE N

Billings Fire Department Awards and Criteria

  1. Billings Fire Department Unit Citation: Awarded to an entire crew assigned to a station or unit for valorous or meritorious action in the line of duty. In addition to a framed certificate to be displayed at the station, each individual will receive a certificate of commendation.
  2. Citizen Heroism Award: Presented to individuals who take action under duress or hazardous conditions to perform a remarkable feat or deed.
  3. Community Service Award: Presented to an individual or organization for outstanding individual service rendered to the community and the BFD in interest of public safety.
  4. CPR Lifesaving Award: Presented to all members involved with a cardiac arrest patient who was revived with CPR and survives long enough to be released from the hospital.
  5. Dispatcher of the Year: Awarded annually to a member for promoting the 911 dispatch center through outstanding character and selfless devotion to the service of others.
  6. Firefighter Cross for Bravery: Awarded to a member who, in the performance of duty, performs an act of distinguished bravery and heroism in the face of extreme conditions.
  7. Firefighter of the Year: Awarded annually to a member for promoting the BFD through outstanding character and selfless devotion to the service of others.
  8. Letter of Recognition: This award is presented to nominees whose actions are deserving of recognition but do not meet the criteria for the other awards.
  9. Life Saving Medal: Awarded to any person, who acts within his or her scope of duty, conscious of the danger of risk, personal harm, or hazard, when such an action is believed to have saved the life of another, when that life is in danger. This award may also be awarded to individuals who themselves or as a member of a team perform life saving measures which result in a life saved.
  10. Medal of Valor: Awarded to a member of the department on or off duty who intelligently, conscious of the danger, and at great risk of imminent personal harm or hazard, distinguishes himself or herself by the performance of an act of gallantry and above the call of normal duty.
  11. Prehospital Delivery Commendation: (stork pin) When a first responder that brings a new life into the world, the attending delivery personnel shall receive a stork pin. The prehospital delivery commendation shall be presented to a member who assisted in the delivery of a baby in the field. The baby must be delivered by EMS personnel and prior to arrival at the hospital. The recipient must have participated in assisting with patient care during birth.