Public Education

The Billings Fire Prevention Bureau provides public education to local schools and businesses.
To schedule a station tour or an infield visit, and for additional information call Deputy Fire Marshal Tyrone Morgan at (406) 657-8426.

Public Education Links: Useful websites for fire prevention and safety

Top Fire Causes: National Fire Protection Association's helpful tips on the Top 5 Fire Causes

After the Fire: FEMA resource for when fire causes damages

Appliance Fire Safety: Tips for our modern-day conveniences

Campfire Safety: Stay safe when using recreational fires. Restrictions do apply.

Candle Fire Safety: Things to consider when creating that perfect relaxing ambiance

Cigarette Safety: Information for safely extinguishing cigarettes and cigars

Cooking Fire Safety Essentials: Be smart and safe in the kitchen with these helpful tips

Cooking Safety & Kids: Have fun cooking and grilling while keeping your family safe

Fire Escape Planning: Know what to do in an emergency when escaping your home safely

Fire Extinguishers: Helpful tips to keep your family and property safe

Fireworks Safety: Although illegal in city limits, here’s tips on fireworks fire prevention

Grillings Safety: Tips to keep your Bar-B-Que cooking safe

Heating Safety: Here’s how to safely stay warm with you portable space heater

High-Rise Apartment/Condo Safety: If you live in a high rise condo or apartment, this information is for you

Kids Fold-up Activity Sheet: Fun educational tool to teach fire safety

Smoke Alarm Safety: Arm your home with these tips on smoke alarms

Swimming Safety Tips: Swim safe with these helpful tips