County Zoning Compliance

The Planning Division issues County Zoning Compliance Permits to ensure new development in the zoned areas of Yellowstone County is properly sited and uses conform to the county zoning regulations.

Section 27-1628. County Zoning Compliance Permit

 A Zoning Compliance Permit is  required for properties that are located outside the limits of the City of Billings but within the County's zoning jurisdiction.  

The Planning Division ensures compliance with zoning regulations inside the city limits through review of Building Permits and Master Site Plan approvals.


Prepare an Application:

  1. Confirm Zoning of Property - County Zoning Map - or contact a planner at 406-247-8676.
  2. Confirm waste water disposal if needed; contact Riverstone Health for a septic permit
  3. Certain State of Montana Building Codes may apply.  Contact the Bureau to ensure compliance with state building codes regulations. (406) 841-2040
  4. Submit 1 ELECTRONIC PDF COPY and email to and 1 PAPER COPY of required materials on minimum 11" X 17" sheet and $77.00 application fee to the Planning Division 2825 3rd Ave N., 4th Floor, Billings, MT  59101
  5. Zoning Compliance Permit Application, completed and signed.
  6. Site Plan, including all existing and proposed structures, decks/porches, driveways, property   lines,   watercourse and easements on a minimum 11” x 17” sheet (drawn to scale with setback measurements from property lines labeled).
  7.  Building Elevation Plans on a minimum 11 x 17 sheet (drawn to scale with measurements labeled).
  8. Floodplain location information (If Applicable) – If property may be located in a floodplain, contact the Yellowstone County Floodplain Administrator, Yellowstone County Courthouse, 217 N. 27th Street, 4th Floor, (406) 256-2775

 Application Review Process:

 Planning staff reviews the application materials and may make a site inspection. Completed applications will usually be reviewed within 5 working days for residential permits and within 20 working days for commercial permits.

Planning Division notifies the applicant whether the application is approved or denied.

 If approved, Planning staff will provide a copy of the approved permit and application materials to the applicant. Construction may start any time after the permit is issued.  Construction must be in accordance with the specification submitted in the Zoning Compliance Permit, and in compliance with the requirements of the applicable zoning regulations.

Issuance of a County Zoning Compliance Permit only ensures conformity with zoning regulations. All other site development or building regulations enforced by the County, State of Montana or federal authorities are the responsibility of the owner or applicant.