Current Zoning Applications

 For the Month of October 2021

City of Billings Zoning Applications

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City Zoning Commission

City Zone Change 999 – 733 S 31st Street W - CMU1 to CMU2 - A zone change request from Corridor Mixed Use 1 (CMU1) to Corridor Mixed Use 2 (CMU2) on Lot 4, Block 16A of Lampman Subdivision, an 62,464 Square foot parcel of land. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on August 12, 2021, at 733 S. 31st Street. Tax ID: A290320
City Ward 5, Planner: Karen Husman, 247-8684,

City Zone Change 1000 – 436 Wicks Lane - From N2 to NO - A zone change request from Mid-Century Neighborhood (N-2) to Neighborhood Office (NO), on Lot 10, Block 1 of Arrowhead Subdivision, a .288 acre parcel of land. A pre-application neighborhood meeting was held on August 25, 2021, via Zoom virtual meeting.
Tax ID: A02533A
City Ward 2, Planner: Karen Husman, 247-8684,

City Zone Change 1001 – Text Amendment for Marijuana Business Regulations – a zoning text amendment initiated by the City Council on September 13, 2021, to allow marijuana businesses within the city limits in certain zone districts, and to establish use standards that include separation distances from parks, churches, schools, day care centers, youth centers and residential zones. The draft ordinance is available by calling the Planning Division 406-247-8676 and will be posted on the Zoning Information webpage here:

Marijuana Draft Zoning Regulations for Marijuana Businesses - Public Hearing Oct. 5, 2021

Draft Allowed Locations: Marijuana Dispensary, Cultivation, Manufacturing and Processing

City Special Review - No special reviews were received for the August Hearings. 

City Board of Adjustment

There were no Variance applications received. The October meeting will be cancelled.


County Zoning Commission

There were no County Zoning Applications received for August.  The October 2021 County Zoning Commission Meeting is cancelled. 

County Board of Adjustment

There were no County Variance applications received for August.  The October 2021 Board of Adjustment Meeting is cancelled. 

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Marijuana Business Area Maps – Current Zoning Code Proposals going to City Council on October 25

  • The map with the pink shading for marijuana businesses shows where all marijuana business types may locate in Billings – dispensaries, grow operations, manufacturing, labs, and transportation facilities.

  • The map with the green shading for marijuana businesses shows where ONLY dispensaries may also locate in Billings. This map reflects the proposed changes to the zoning ordinance that the City Zoning Commission is recommending to the City Council.

NOTE: It is very important to note that neither of these maps should be used for regulatory purposes and does not guarantee any one a business location even in a shaded area. These maps are for overview only of the approximate areas where marijuana businesses may be allowed under these zoning code scenarios. Any specific application for zoning or licensing of a marijuana business in Billings will have to be specifically reviewed for all code compliance at the time of application.