Master Site Plan Review

A complete electronic packet uploaded to the Citizen Access online portal here:

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Uploaded files in pdf format required:

  • Master Site Plan Application with property owner signature
  • Site Plan
  • Civil Drawings
  • Building Elevation Plans
  • Landscaping Plan
  • Comprehensive Drainage Plans
  • A trip generation count
    • A full Traffic Impact Study (TIS) will be required if the site is expected to generate more than 500 Vehicle Trips Per Day (VTPD)
    • If the proposed development includes a drive-thru window, a queuing analysis will also be required

Please see the Master Site Plan Application for specific requirements of the above-mentioned documents.

-->Projects subject to these regulations include condominium, townhome, townhouse or commercial development projects that include common, private facilities shared by buildings or lots, and residential developments that have three (3) or more primary structures and include common, private facilities shared by buildings or lots.  
Review and Approval of Master Site Plans by all City Reviewing Departments may take up a maximum of sixty (60) calendar days, with a typical review time of four (4) weeks per review. Upon approval by all City Reviewing Departments through the Planning Division, Building Permits may be approved.