The Six Es

Every community is unique and has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Despite the differences, every community can benefit from making walking and bicycling safer and more enjoyable.

The Six Es; evaluation, engineering, enforcement, education, encouragement, and equity provide a guideline for communities to follow.

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Collecting data that supports the idea of safe walking and bicycling in order to create a sustainable program

Developing programs and curricula that focus on teaching safe walking and bicycling behaviors

Focusing on infrastructure improvements in your community that support and increase safe walking and bicycling

Planning fun events and activities that promote safe walking and bicycling behavior

Implementing state and local traffic laws that ensure safe walking and bicycling

Targeting diverse groups of students through outreach programs and events ensuring appropriate distribution of bicycle and pedestrian facilities, programs, and educational opportunities

User Groups
Getting Around
Resources Secure Storage
Bicycles and Business
Families on Bikes
Getting to School
Seniors on a Roll
Women in Motion
Facilities and Markings
Routes and Maps
Tips for Traveling
Traveling on Foot
Billings 2011 Bike Plan
BMVPhone: AmeriCorps VISTA
Complete Streets Policy
Additional Resources
Bicycle Parking
Bicycle Security
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