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In 1974, 66% of children in the U.S. walked or rode their bicycle to school. Today, only 13% of children walk or ride their bicycle to school that's more than an 80% decrease. Children prefer to walk or ride their bicycles. Going to and from school is a great way to practice safe walking and bicycling habits. The following suggestions can help your school establish and sustain a safe walking and bicycling environment.
Implementing the Six Es
Evaluation: Have students and parents complete the walkability and bikeability checklists to highlight the problem areas around your school
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Engineering: Provide and maintain pedestrian and bicycle facilities in and around your school; install quality bike parking. Distribute and use the Safe Routes to School maps created by the Engineering Division. 

Encouragement: Plan events around International Walk to School Day and International Bike to School Day and provide prizes to those students who walk or ride their bikes
Enforcement: Crossing guards, parents, teachers, school administrators, and local law enforcement should work together to identify unsafe travel behaviors around the school
Education: Incorporate a lesson on safe walking and bicycling habits into your curriculum. You can also hang posters and flyers throughout your school promoting safe walking and bicycling
Equity: Ensure every student at your school has the same opportunity to participate in active transportation events and activities

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