Getting to School

Walking and bicycling to and from school are great ways to get a jump start to your day! Walking or bicycling to school improves children's concentration, boosts moods and alertness, and enhances memory, creativity, and overall learning.

Not only are walking and bicycling fun and healthy but they also: help reduce air pollution, build a sense of community, encourage and promote safety and save money.
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Why Walk and Bike To School?

It's fun! Walking and bicycling to school is a fun way to prepare your mind and body for the school day.
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It's healthy! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a day.
It's good for the environment! Walking and bicycling helps reduce air pollution.
It saves money! Walking and bicycling to school helps lower transportation costs for families, communities and school districts.
It promotes safe walking and bicycling! With more kids walking and bicycling to school there will be less vehicle traffic creating a safer environment around the school.


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