North Park Task Force


The North Park Task Force was created in the 1970s to represent the community in decisions about CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) fund distribution. Since its initial inception, the Task Force has dealt with a diverse assortment of neighborhood issues and concerns. 


  • North Park Task Force meets the 1st WEDNESDAY of the month, 7pm at the North Park Community Center. Come and join your neighbors, bring a friend and join us in
    keeping the North Park neighborhood clean and safe.

    * By-Laws



  • Chairperson - Brian Epley
  • Vice Chair - Randy Hafer
  • Secretary - Lisa Haefke
  • Treasurer - Trevor Haefke  

Monthly Newsletters

February 2019 Newsletter                                       January 2020 Newsletter
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May 2019 Newsletter                                               March 2020 Agenda
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Neighborhood Plan

 North Park Neighborhood Plan