West End Neighborhood Task Force

Mission Statement

The mission of the West End Neighborhood Task force is to protect, preserve and develop our respective neighborhoods. We will accomplish this by: addressing safety issues within our neighborhood, acting as a sounding board for issues of neighborhood interest or concern, disseminating information to the citizens in our area that might be of relevance to them, working in concert with local, state and federal agencies in the dispersal of funds that maintain or improve our community, and specifically, the designated area of our task force.


  • The West End Neighborhood Task Force meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7pm, at Connections Church,  located at Grand Ave and 56th Street West (5554 Grand).
  • Please contact Gordon Olson  - Email

           March Agenda                                                        January 2020 Agenda
           April Agenda                                                           January 2020 Minutes
           August Agenda                                                       February 2020 Agenda
           October Agenda                                                     February 2020 Minutes
            December Agenda                                                July 2020 Agenda
           January 2019 Agenda                                          October 2021 Minutes
           March 2019 Agenda                                             November 2021 Agenda
           April 2019 Agenda                                                January 2022 Minutes
           June 2019 Agenda                                               February 2022 Minutes
                                                                                            March 2022 Minutes
           July 2019 Agenda                                                 April 2022 Agenda
                                                                                             April 2022 Minutes
           August 2019 Agenda                                            May 2022 Agenda
                                                                                             May 2022 Minutes
           September 2019 Agenda                                     June 2022 Agenda
                                                                                             June 2022 Minutes
         October 2019 Agenda   
          November 2019 Agenda

          December 2019 Agenda  



  • Chairman - Gordon Olson
  • Vice-Chair - Steve Simonson
  • Secretary - Robin Olson
  • Treasurer - Tina Volek

*By laws                                                   MT Resolution                          OPT OUT Alternative
*Task Force Boundary map                     Yellowstone Meadows             August 2018 TF Offenses
*November Offenses                               Food, Alcohol & Gambling


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