Subdivisions Qualifying for Expedited Review

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Expedited Review 


Subdivisions creating no more than two (2) lots that satisfy all five criteria may qualify for expedited review.

​The expedited review process allows a subdivider to go directly to final plat review after a ​Pre-application/concept meeting has been completed. Expedited subdivisions are still reviewed for compliance with local and state subdivision regulations and an SIA is required for them.

​Please note also that right-of-way dedication may be required with subdivisions qualifying for expedited review.
Qualifying Criteria for Expedited Subdivisions
1.The proposal meets the definition of a first minor subdivision from a tract of record;
​2.Legal and physical access to all lots is provided;
​ 3.No land in the subdivision will be dedicated to public use for parks or playgrounds;
​ 4.The plat has been approved by the Montana Department of Environmental Quality or County Environmental Health whenever approval is required, or the plat has been approved by the City of Billings Public Works Department for water, sanitary sewer and storm water facilities
​5. No public improvements are required.

Submittal Requirements

   Step by Step Guide: Online Subdivision Application and Review

Fee Schedule City Applications            Fee Schedule County Applications 

Pre-application/Concept Meeting Application 

** Applications must be received (1) month prior to the actual submittal date of a Expedited Plat Application.

This review expires 6 months after the Pre-application/concept Meeting date. 

Expedited "Check Print" Review Application 

 Using the online project number, upload the survey and corresponding documents for review.  Pay the application fee.  Application Required Document Checklist
Expedited Final Mylar Review Application
Final mylars are reviewed to ensure all documents are submitted in an acceptable format and routed for signatures. To ensure city plats reach the City Council at the earliest possible Council meeting date, they must be submitted four (4) weeks in advance of the scheduled Council meeting.

-->Upload final review survey and corresponding documents for filing. Deliver (2)-MYLARS City plats, (1)-MYLAR County plats, signed by property owner/notarized by surveyor and notarized documents to the Planning office, 2825 3rd Ave. North 4th Floor. Application Required Document Checklist