Other Pricing Information

Cremation Section

Type of CostWeekdaysSaturday 
One cremation grave$570$570
Opening, closing, setup, and tent$420$865


Infant Section

Type of CostWeekdaysSaturday 
Opening, closing, setup, and tent$200$560

Veterans Section #14

There is no charge for the veteran grave or niche for a qualifying Veteran. Fees for the burial include the opening and closing, flower container, curbing, setup, and tent.

Type of CostWeekdaysSaturday 
Traditional Veteran Burial Setup
Cremation Veteran Burial Setup
Veteran's Columbarium Setup$595$650

Landmark Columbarium

Type of Cost
Row A niches$1,130
Row B niches$1,200
Row C niches$1,265
Row D niches$1,330
Weekday opening and closing setup$250
Saturday opening & closing setup$320
Flower container$50

All other non-veteran niches are in the mausoleum and their prices may be obtained in the Mountview Cemetery Administration Office.

Any burial service on a weekday that starts after 3:00 pm or on a Saturday that starts after 2:00 pm is subject to a late overtime charge of $360 in addition to the normal setup fee.