Grave Pricing

All grave purchases include a 35% Perpetual Care fee and one flower container. New flower containers may be purchased for $50 each. Graves purchased before July 1983 will need to add the cost of a flower container to the opening and closing fees.


Type of CostWeekdaysSaturday
One traditional grave in most of the Cemetery
Opening, closing, setup, and tent$605$1,245
Section 12
One traditional grave in Section 12                
Opening, closing, setup, and tent$605$1,245

A vault is required for all traditional caskets. Vaults can be purchased from Mountview Cemetery for $1000

Vaultless "Green" burials are allowed for a fee of $700. An individual must be interred in a wicker or cardboard casket, or wrapped in a shroud to have a vaultless burial.

Other Information

Any burial service on a weekday that starts after 3:00 pm or Saturday that starts after 2:00 pm is subject to a late overtime charge of $360 in addition to the normal setup fee.