BUILD Grant Update July 2022

BUILD Grant Update – July, 2022

The City of Billings was awarded a BUILD grant in September of 2020.

We are excited to announce that the draft Grant Agreement submitted for FHWA staff review was forwarded on June 29th to the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST)!  FHWA worked extensively with the City to ensure the draft agreement was in a format that would be accepted by OST for their review.  The review by OST could take a few weeks and the City may be asked to clarify or edit some information. But once the City receives notice that the draft has been accepted, City staff will be able to direct Mayor Cole to sign the agreement on the City’s behalf.

The execution of the agreement will allow FHWA to obligate the BUILD grant funds to the project. Execution of the agreement will also allow the City to start the RFP/bid solicitation process for the construction phase. The FHWA authorizes the RFP/bidding process, that includes a final FHWA approval of the construction and bidding documents. It is currently anticipated that the FHWA authorization to bid will occur in late August or early September, after the FHWA signs the grant agreement.

The City received MDOT approval for the Skyline Trail portion of the project and is working on the maintenance agreement.  

The City has obtained all rights-of-way from the five private landowners and is awaiting final signature of the two Montana DNRC rights-of way from the Governor’s office.  Montana DNRC provided a letter to the City authorizing construction.  In summary, the right-of-way for the project is secured.