BUILD Grant Update January 2022

BUILD Grant Update – January, 2022

The City of Billings was awarded a BUILD grant in September of 2020.

•    The Pre-Award Budget Narrative was submitted to FHWA (Federal Highways) in mid-September. On October 20th we were sent   a notice for some additional information/clarification on the narrative. We have been informed that this is a normal back and forth with FHWA as all details are nailed down.  Planning and Engineering addressed the request and resubmitted in November. In December, we received another request for additional information/clarifications. Staff is currently finalizing our response to submit by January 14th.

•    Planning and Engineering with review of our state FHWA contact has begun drafting the Project Agreement. This agreement will be the formal contract between the City and FHWA, when fully executed, this agreement will obligate funds to the construction of the Inner Belt Loop and Skyline Trail. This will trigger the project bid letting.

•    The following are engineering updates:

     •    The four retaining wall designs for Skyline Trail were completed and submitted to MDT for approval.

     •    Stormwater comments from MDT on Skyline Trail were addressed and re-submitted to MDT for approval.  

     •    The IBL roadway design consultant completed the storm drainage report and the subsequent design elements to comply                    with MS-4 requirements.  

     •    Right-of-way plats and certificate of surveys were updated to include the new storm water features needed for MS-4                           compliance and sent to property owners.

     •    Staff submitted the IBL and Skyline Trail project specifications to FHWA for review for Federal compliance.

     •    Staff is working with landowners on right-of-way negotiation for the IBL.

     •    Route finding signs, a MET bus stop pad, and a restroom facility for Skyline Trail are being incorporated into the final plans.

•    City staff and staff from FHWA and MDT continue to meet regularly or stay in contact as the grant process moves forward.

Next steps: Complete and submit the Pre-Award Budget Narrative clarifications to FHWA and await further instructions. Continue to draft and edit the Project Agreement as needed. Continue to submit and work through the requirements for construction documents. Continue work on acquiring right-of-way. Staff will continue with regular meetings and correspondence with our FHWA representative. BUILD website will be continually updated with information as it is available.