Rolling with a Pooch

Bring your dog along for the ride!
There's no reason to leave your dog behind when you go ride! Your dog can join you by running along, riding in a trailer (they even make them especially for dogs) or putting your dog in a basket.

Running along
Before you begin riding alongside your dog, be sure to consult your veterinarian to make sure it is a good idea. Start by walking your bicycle with your dog hooked up to an adapter bar.

It is recommended that your dog wear a full body harness that is reflective. Once your dog is acquainted with the new set up, begin to ride slowly and practice maneuvering.

Be sure to pay close attention to your dog's pace. Start with small trips and slowly increase the distance and speed, provided you both can handle it.
biking w dog.png
An adapter bar connects directly to the bicycle frame and prevents your dog from getting too close to your wheels.
Dog Trailer
Many different manufacturers make durable trailers specifically for dogs - big and small. Remember to outfit the trailer with reflectors and a flag to be seen.
Harnessing your pup inside the trailer may help ensure they do not jump out. Adding a pillow may make your friend's ride more comfortable.
Be careful making sharp turns! Also, some dogs may enjoy this method of motion more than others.
dog on bike 2.jpg
For younger or smaller dogs a front or rear mounted basket works as a great way to transport your dog.
dog in basket.jpg

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