Pedaling with babies 0-3 years

Getting back in the saddle after pregnancy

Getting back on a bicycle will take time after giving birth. Your center of gravity will be different. You must become reacquainted with your bicycle and be sure you are comfortable on it. Always be sure to listen to your body and your doctor.

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Riding with babies 0-12 months

Your baby should not be transported in a bike seat until he or she can hold their head up on their own. Only bicycles and trailers that are compatible with infant car seats should be used to transport young babies.
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After your child can hold their head up 9-12 months to 3 years

When your child is old enough to hold his or her head up, sit up on their own and fit into a helmet, they will be able to ride in a bike seat or sit in a trailer without a car seat. Bike seats are made for both the front and back of a bicycle. It is very important that you ride the bike with the trailer or seat prior to riding with your child.

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