Women's Bicycling Resources

 sneakers, spokes and sparkplugs 3 women 2.jpgAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau National Household Travel Survey 982 million bicycle trips were made by women in 2009.

As bicycling for transportation, sport, and just fun becomes more popular it's important we start acknowledging a vastly under-represented group of bicycle users; women.

Women's Bicycling Resources

Women's Cycling Association 
Women Bike
Total Women's Cycling
Girl, Bike, Love
Bike Shop Girl 
The Women Cycling Project

Helpful How To Videos

Hairstyles for Helmets
Mechanical Advice
Women Bike

User Groups

Bicycles and Business
Families on Bikes
Getting to School
Seniors on a Roll

Women in Motion

Getting Around

Facilities and Markings
Routes and Maps
Tips for Traveling
Traveling on Foot


Billings 2011 Bike Plan
BMVPhone: AmeriCorps VISTA
Complete Streets Policy
Additional Resources

Secure Storage

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle Security

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