Health Insurance Committee

Health Insurance Committee

The City of Billings established the Billings Health Insurance Committee to maintain a group health insurance plan for employees of the City and their dependents.

The Committee's purpose is to manage the City Health Insurance Plan and report directly to the City Administrator. The committee meets at least quarterly to:

  • Review the existing city group health insurance plan;
  • Review the claims experience, projections and plan problems;
  • Maintain the plan on a sound actuarial basis;
  • Be responsible for all changes in plan design, administrators or carriers;
  • Establish plan premium rates and cost sharing by both the City and the employees;
  • Advise the City Administrator on all other group insurance matters;
  • Decisions will be made by a simple majority vote where all members have one vote and can vote by absentee ballot.

Click on the link below for a list of Health Insurance Committee members.

Billings Health Insurance Committee Members