Obtaining Discovery

Requesting Written Discovery

After the defendant pleads not guilty to charges in Billings Municipal Court, discovery may be obtained prior to the Omnibus Hearing by contacting the City Attorney's Office.  The defendant or his or her defense counsel may request a copy of the written discovery (e.g. investigative file, police reports, etc.) by calling (406) 657-8205, completing and returning the Pro Se Discovery Request Form, or providing a Notice of Appearance and Discovery Demand by defense counsel.  

The City Attorney's Office will provide a copy of discovery within five (5) business days of the request pursuant to M.C.A. §§ 46-15-322 & 323. 

To request discovery, please provide the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Case docket number
  3. Date of your next court appearance
  4. Description of the offense

**Effective March 15, 2015 the City Attorney’s Office charges an Administration Fee of $10.00 for each written discovery packet. If the discovery packet is too large to print, it will be placed on a digital media device which will cost $25.00.

Digital Evidence

To obtain audio statements, CD’s of photos, WatchGuard videos, Body Cam videos, etc., the defendant or defense counsel must submit a Discovery Request with Billings Police Department's Evidence division.  This form can be emailed to evidence@billingsmt.gov, faxed to (406) 247-8600, or mailed to P.O. Box 1554, Billings, MT 59103.  The Evidence division will inform you when your discovery can be picked up on the 3rd floor of City Hall in the Detective's Division.