Trailer & Recreation Vehicles

Snowmobiles, boats, or other recreational vehicles and campers, camper trailers, or motor homes must be parked in a rear yard unless the rear yard is inaccessible. In that case, a trailer or recreational vehicle may be parked in a front or side yard as long as it is on a surface prepared with asphalt or concrete.

Trailers or recreational vehicles must meet setback requirements as follows:
  • Shall provide at least a five-foot separation between such recreational vehicle and any door, window or other opening of a dwelling or accessory building that provides ventilation or access to the structure.   
  • Open storage and off-street parking of licensed and operable recreational vehicles in any yard shall provide setbacks to property lines at a minimum of:
    •  three (3) feet to a side or rear property line and
    • 8 feet from the back of a sidewalk
    • If no sidewalk exists, all measurements shall be made from the front and side adjacent to street property lines. 
Campers or RVs stored on residential property may not be used for living or sleeping purposes for more than five consecutive days.