City of Billings Parking Division


"Continuing our Community's vision for efficient and effective parking solutions that provide economic growth and development."


 "Providing parking solutions for our community."

Parking Division

The City of Billings Parking Division manages both on-street and off-street public parking in Downtown Billings, enforces parking rules and laws, operates and maintains three city-owned parking garages, three city-owned parking lots, and approximately 830 parking meters.

The City of Billings Parking Division and the Billings Parking Board, in partnership with the Downtown Billings Alliance; downtown businesses, employees, and property owners; are strategically working together to create the best parking dynamic for the citizens of Billings, while encouraging and supporting economic growth and development in the heart of the city.

Flash Parking

City of Billings recently purchased new gate control equipment in Park I, II, and III. Below are two videos to assist you with some of the new features that it offers.

The Hands Free option allows you to get a ticket when entering the garage without having to touch the kiosk. PayByText allows you to pay for your parking before you leave the garage.

Pay By Text Video

Hands Free Video

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Billings Parking Division was recently awarded a grant from the State of  Montana DEQ to purchase a number of Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.  There are two locations: 2 dual units with a total of 4 ports are located in the Park 2 Garage by the Downtown Wells Fargo drive thru and 1 unit with 2 ports are located in the Hospital Corridor on 29th Street between 10th and 11th Ave N.
The spaces are reserved for Electric Vehicles (EV) only.  Non-EV vehicles will receive a parking citation if found parked in the EV parking spaces. The charge is $2.50/hour with a 5 hour maximum stay and are available 24/7.  The meters will accept coin, credit card or Pay By Phone. 

Photo of EV Charger at Wells FargoElectric car parking by hospitals)


PayByPhone is the most convenient way to pay for parking. Find us at parking locations in Billings!  It’s easy, either use our app or park online at:

paybyphone parking meter
Paybyphone image