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Project Eyes on the Block

  1. Safe Neighborhood Surveillance Info

    This form is a voluntary submittal of surveillance camera information. In the event that a crime or incident occurs on your surveillance or place, the Billings Police Department can pull the camera location from our database and contact you to help assist in the investigation. We will not be able to pull camera surveillance solely based on this information or access any info without your knowledge. It is just a tool to use in locating active cameras with property owners who are willing to share their surveillance all in an effort to promote safe neighborhoods.

  2. Acknowledgement of Instructions

    I acknowledge that by volunteering the above information, the Billings Police Department may contact me in the event of a crime occurring in the vicinity of the above-mentioned address and I will be willing to assist in the retrieval of any surveillance that may have been captured to help in their investigation. If for any reason that I want to withdraw my participation or move locations, I will be sure to contact the Billings Police Department and notify them of any changes.

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