Where is the Youth Services Center?
The Youth Services Center is located at 410 S 26th. (406) 256-6825.

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1. Where is the Billings Police Department?
2. Where is the Crime Prevention Center?
3. How to file a Complaint or Commendation?
4. Where is the Detective Division for the Billings Police Department?
5. Where is Municipal (City) Court?
6. Where is the Youth Services Center?
7. Where is Justice Court?
8. Where is the Sheriff's Office?
9. Where is the jail (Yellowstone County Detention Facility)?
10. How can I get a copy of my Billings Police Dept. Criminal Record?
11. How can I get a copy of a police report?
12. How can I get a copy of an accident report?
13. How do I find out if my car was towed?
14. What can be done about illegally parked vehicles?
15. What are the curfew hours?
16. What is the noise limits for car stereo?
17. How do I report a crime?
18. How can I volunteer my time to help the Billings Police Department?
19. When is the police auction?
20. Where can I get crime statistics?
21. Where can I be fingerprinted?
22. How do I find out if a person is a registered sex offender?
23. How can I obtain a Restraining Order (TRO)?
24. Where can I obtain information on Domestic Violence?
25. Where can I obtain crime prevention information?
26. How can I arrange a ride-along with the Billings Police Department?
27. Whom do I call to get a speaker on crime-related issues?
28. How do I report an abandoned car?
29. What is the Billings Police Protective Association?
30. What is the noise ordinance?
31. Where is the Animal Shelter?
32. What happens when I go to court?
33. Can I get time payments on the fine?
34. How can I find out how much a fine is for a particular offense?
35. Can I pay a fine and not appear before the judge?
36. May I make payments on a fine without appearing before the judge?
37. Does Municipal Court take checks?
38. How can I contest a traffic citation?
39. Is there a way to keep a traffic citation off my driving record?
40. What should I do if I cannot appear in court on the day that the police officer scheduled on my ticket?
41. What happens if I fail to appear on my scheduled court date?
42. Can I get a probationary driver’s license (work permit) if I refused the breath test?
43. Is there an alternative to going to jail?
44. Will the court appoint an attorney to represent me?
45. How can I contact a prosecutor from the City Attorney’s office?
46. How do I find out if I have a Warrant?
47. Where and when will an arrestee go to court?
48. How do I post someone’s bail?
49. What are Animal Control Office Hours?
50. How do I report an abandoned vehicle?