Stair Climb

Stair Climb.gif
Using a stair-climbing machine, this event is designed to simulate the critical task of climbing stairs in full protective clothing while carrying a high-rise pack (hose bundle) and firefighter equipment.

This event challenges aerobic capacity, lower body muscular endurance and the ability to balance.

The Test
  • Participants wear a 12.5-pound weight on each shoulder to simulate the weight of a high-rise pack
  • Immediately following a 20-second warm-up period at a rate of 50 steps per minute, the timed part of the test starts as indicated by a proctor
  • There is no break in time between the warm-up period and the actual timing of the test
  • During the warm-up period, dismounting, grasping the rail, or holding the wall to establish balance and cadence is permitted
  • The timed part of the test lasts three minutes at a stepping rate of 60 steps per minute

  • Failure can occur by falling or dismounting three times during the warm-up period, or by falling or dismounting after the timed CPAT begins
  • During the test, the participant is permitted to touch the wall or handrail for balance only momentarily; if that rule is violated more than twice during the test, failure will result