Political Signs


Billings, Montana City Code, Article 27-707 (b)17. regulates the placement of political signs on private property.

There are five basic rules to remember when placing political signs within the city limits:
  • You may post as many political signs as you want on any one property, so long as the total size of all signs added together do not exceed 32 square feet.  The area should be computed based solely on the size of the sign, not the fact that there may be writing on each side of the sign.
  • Signs may not be placed on a boulevard, in a city right of way, on a utility pole, or on the roof of a structure. 
    • Signs placed in city rights of way will be removed by City Code Enforcement Officers. 
    • Officers will contact candidates so signs may be retrieved.
  • Signs over 30 inches in height must be outside of clear vision areas at street intersections, where driveways enter streets, and at alley entrances
  • Signs may not be over six feet in height from the grade.
  • Permission of the property owner is required prior to placement of a political sign.