City Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officers
Marshall Glunt, Todd Morgan and Tanya Punt serve as Code Enforcement I Officers and Craig Salzman serves as the Code Enforcement II Officer for the City of Billings.
Marshall Glunt assists in Billings Heights and Eastside.

Todd Morgan assists in Billings West End.
Tanya Punt assists in Billings Central and Southside.

Craig Salzman assists with Vacant Boarded Structures and Dangerous Structures 
Trina Adams provides administrative support and is the Weed Abatement Secretary.

Code Enforcement is a complaint-based response program for violations of:
  • Zoning
  • Building codes
  • Business regulations
  • Nuisance codes
  • Sign codes
  • Specific parking regulations

Investigation Process
Complaints concerning potential violations are received in our office and an officer is assigned to investigate. After a field investigation, the officer will determine compliance or noncompliance with City Codes. Each complaint is processed as quickly as possible. Properties in violation are generally allowed a minimum of ten days to achieve compliance.