Only one cremains will be allowed in a grave in the Cremation Section. In a traditional size grave, three cremains may be allowed or a casket and two cremains.

Lowering the Casket
Lowering the casket into the grave as part of the Internment Service is only allowed if the family of the deceased requests it prior to the burial service. Only City of Billings Mountview Cemetery personnel will be allowed to operate the lowering device. Cremains may be placed in the grave by family members at any burial service.

  • Only one upright monument may be erected on two adjacent graves, which shall be of natural granite not over 42” high including the base, or not under 28” high, and not less than 24” wide, or the stone must be flush with the ground
  • Only two stones will be allowed on a traditional size grave, one at the headend of the grave and a flat stone at the footend of the grave
  • All work must be completed as fast as possible under the inspection of the Superintendent, and materials not used must be removed as the work is completed
  • More specific information is available in the Cemetery Office

Transfer of Graves & Lots
No sale or transfer of graves shall be valid without the expressed written consent of the City, endorsed and entered on records by the City. Graves can only be sold to the City of Billings Mountview Cemetery.

Dogs and cats are allowed in the cemetery if they are on a leash, and are kept on the roadways.