Catching the MET

People Waiting for the Bus

Getting on the Bus

The MET stops at most corners before the intersection or at any blue and green MET bus sign. Signal the driver by waving when the bus is a half-block away to let the driver know to stop.

The route name is displayed over the windshield and curbside window. The route number is in the windshield's lower left corner.

Have the exact fare ready as you board. Drivers cannot make change.

Getting off the Bus

To get off the bus, signal the driver by pressing the rubber chime strip next to the window. The driver will stop a block later at the corner.

Transfers & the Pulse System

Transfers to a connecting bus to complete a one-way trip are free and the transfer slip is good for one half hour - just ask the driver as you board. Transfers are possible at the transfer centers or at some places where two routes cross.

Please always tell the driver if you need to transfer - even if you don't need to ask for a transfer slip as the driver will notify the other bus of your desire to transfer. The MET System is set up as a "pulse system." This means that one set of buses arrives and departs the transfer centers at the same time and then, a half hour later, a second set of buses arrives and departs the transfer centers.