October 2023 Updates

  1. 10/2/23
  2. 10/23/23
  3. 10/30/23

This week the hydronic main line continued to be installed around the north end of the 5th floor.

Plumbing overhead and wall rough-in on the 4th floor was tested and inspected. 

Core drilling from the 4th floor down to the 3rd floor for hydronic lines was done. 

Sheetrock taping on the south end of the 5th floor was completed and ready for paint. 

Hard lid framing on the 5th floor was started. 

Sheetrock for the 4th floor was delivered and installation was started. 

The duct work from the new RTU was installed and completed around the council chambers. 10223 NCH 1

Ductwork on the 4th floor is getting close to being completed. 

The conduit for home runs on the 5th floor is still in progress and a cable tray is being installed on the 4th floor. The electrical wall rough-in on the 2nd floor continues. 

Hollow metal door frames were installed on the 4th floor this week. 10223 NCH 2

A demo of the exterior wall sheetrock was started on the south end of the 5th floor in preparation for window replacement. 10223 NCH 3

The art wall panels were installed in the new location.10223 NCH 4