September 2023 Updates

  1. 9/4/23
  2. 9/11/23
  3. 9/18/23
  4. 9/25/23

2nd Floor

Fire sprinkler rough-in on 2nd floor is now complete and the 1st floor has started.

Progress was made with framing. 

4th Floor

Overhead plumbing in the ceiling is being worked on, and core drilling from 4th to 3rd floor has started. 

Installing duct and VAV’s continues. 

5th Floor

Restroom plumbing is complete. The waste and vent inspection is finished and got the sign-off.090423 plumbing

Wall insulation on the 5th floor got started. 

Overhead electrical on 5th floor and 4th floor wall rough-in continued.

Curtain wall framing in the council chambers is now complete. 090423 council chambers


More HVAC penetrations were cut through the roof.

The roof curbs, which are frames used to secure the HVAC system, were set.