July 2023 Updates

  1. 7/17/23
  2. 7/24/23
  3. 7/31/23

Most of the metal stud framing on the 5th floor is almost complete, and the new duct work is moving right along. NCH71723 2This floor is also getting ready for cable trays, so the crew began installing hangers on the east side. 

Two chilled water lines and a steam line in the 5th floor fan room were cut and capped without interrupting the 3rd floor, which is where several Yellowstone County offices are located. NCH71723The layout of full-height wall and door openings began on the 4th floor. In order to get ready for ductwork on this floor, duct hanger installation began. NCH71723 3The process of bringing in lines for the electrical box also saw progress. 

A few remaining demo items were completed as well as removing some existing pipe bollards at the north and south sides of the building.