Parks, Recreation and Trails Bond 2023

Welcome to the City of Billings informational page on the 2023 parks, recreation, and trails bond! 

We appreciate the time you are taking to learn more about the projects. 

The bond would provide funds for 16 different project sites. Rather than focus on a single project, it is our goal to enhance park sites and recreation opportunities across the entire city.UPDATED Park Bond Map

Click here to find out about upcoming informational sessionscost and tax information, and learn how public safetypublic health, and other topics connect with our parks. 

Below you will find a list of project sites included in the bond. Click on each one to learn more. 

Castle Rock Page Tab Opens in new windowCentennial Page Tab Opens in new windowCottonwood Page Tab Opens in new windowCoulson Page Tab Opens in new windowRec Center Page Tab Opens in new windowNorth  Page TabPoly Vista Tab Opens in new windowSouth Park Tab Opens in new windowTrails Tab Opens in new windowReservoir Tab Opens in new windowZimmerman Page Tab

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