Walk Friendly Community

walk friendly community logo.pngWalk Friendly Communities is a national recognition program developed to encourage towns and cities across the United States to establish or recommit to a high priority for supporting safer walking environments.

Walk Friendly Communities recognizes communities who are working to improve a wide range of conditions related to walking including safety, access, mobility, and comfort.



Sidewalks are essential for a walkable community. Like roadways, sidewalks should be designed for all users. Continuous and accessible sidewalk networks improve mobility for all pedestrians and are particularly important for pedestrians with disabilities.

Billings City Code Section 22-406 states property owners or their tenants are required to remove all snow, ice, slush etc from the sidewalk in front of their property within 24 hours of snow event.

User Groups

Bicycles and Business
Families on Bikes
Getting to School
Seniors on a Roll

Women in Motion

Getting Around

Facilities and Markings
Routes and Maps
Tips for Traveling
Traveling on Foot


Billings 2011 Bike Plan
BMVPhone: AmeriCorps VISTA
Complete Streets Policy
Additional Resources

Secure Storage

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle Security

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