Driving in Billings

stop for peds.jpgCars may be the most prevalent road users but they are not the only ones on the road. People driving cars need to be aware of and courteous to people walking or riding bicycles. Think of it as "I brake for people."

Always wear your set belt and follow posted speed limits to protect yourself and other from a crash while driving.

Follow the tips below to increase the safety of others when you are behind the wheel.

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When driving in Billings...

Buckle Up! It's the law and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports seat belt use reduces crash related injuries and death by half.

Stay alert! Avoid distractions while driving like talking on the phone and texting. Billings prohibits the use of cell phones while driving.
Watch for people! Watch for pedestrians everywhere especially at painted crosswalks and intersections, i.e., marked and unmarked crosswalks.

buckle up montana.pngPass with care! When approaching and preparing to pass a person riding a bike leave 3 to 5 feet of space between you and them
Slow down in school zones! When driving in a school zone adhere to the reduce speed limits and be on high alert for children
Don't drive impaired! Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol greatly increases your chances of an crash

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