Special Projects Unit

This unit is responsible for all of the duties that do not fall under one of the other units.The volunteers that work in this unit bring a diverse skill set from the community and offer there expertise on a wide array of projects that spring up over the course of a year.College Interns are often placed with this unit and then exposed to as many aspects of the BPD as time allows.

Some examples of Special Projects are:
  • Marketing / PR
  • Work in Municipal Court helping the Bailiffs
  • Program reports / statistics / proposals
  • Department of Transportation for Fingerprinting and Notary Public
  • Development and maintenance of software programs
  • One-time projects not relating to the other units
  • Minor construction and maintenance jobs:
    • Upkeep of the building’s premises
    • Work-study award students
    • Storage and updating of files
    • Discretionary projects as they arise